Ways to increase the number of views on youtube


YouTubers all over the world are wondering how to make their channel more popular and gain a large number of views.

The task is difficult. To do this, you need to follow a number of rules and use in different ways.

General rules for beginner youtubers

  1. The video must meet the needs of the audience. Interesting, informative, funny, educational videos — they should interest the broad masses. It is impossible to gain a huge number of views if the video is aimed at a narrow audience.
  2. The quality must be high. A good video is more pleasant to watch.
  3. Spreading something new is required when your audience is on YouTube. This is defined in different ways.
  4. Look out for ads like “best way to get 4000 watch hour on youtube”. Following a link like this, you can find some really good working tips.
  5. Use different ways to increase views without getting stuck on one.

Tips for increasing views

  1. Use forums, social networks. Post videos there, share links.
  2. Delay the viewer with trailers. They increase the time spent on the site. While the visitor watches the trailer, reads a couple of phrases, the visit will be recorded.
  3. Create a title for your video that contains frequently used phrases. When requested, the search engine will automatically display your video.
  4. Be careful when using illegal ways to promote views. Watch out for scammers and plan your growth rates. The process should feel natural and not attract attention. Avoid sudden and overly rapid increase in views.
  5. Promise the viewer a gift, then he will be delayed. Often they do the following: at the beginning of the video, they promise a present to the viewer for what he will name in the commentary the words or objects used in the video. While the visitor is watching the video, the session time will reach the required one.
  6. Post new videos constantly.
  7. Try to use promotion methods only in the first two days, then it does not make sense, you will definitely not get into the TOP.
  8. Post an additional playlist. Make a selection from your videos or from those that are very popular on the web.

You can use any method to increase your views. The main condition is that they must be legal. If this rule is not followed, serious problems can arise.

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