Czech dishes: product advantages and selection criteria


Czech sets are loved all over the world, especially in Russia. Such dishes are made from harmless materials, known for their environmental friendliness and long service life.

A huge assortment provides an opportunity for everyone to choose dishes to taste. But in order not to get a fake, you need to get acquainted with the manufacturer and know the features of such dishes.


Services from the Czech Republic are popular all over the world due to certain advantages. This cookware is durable. And when the family uses the service, then there is no need to worry about the fact that chips may appear — this is unlikely. Czech dishes are covered with quality glaze, which allows you to use the microwave.

Also, plates and cups can be washed in the dishwasher, and high temperatures cannot harm the service. Cutlery will not scratch or stain the dishes, which is also an asset. Although the Czech service cannot be cheap, the prices for it are significantly inferior to the English or German similar products.

The decor and shapes of the products are usually classic. This is their main difference in the global market. Refined sets do not get bored and do not go out of fashion, you can familiarize yourself with and buy dishes at

Types of dishes

Czech tableware has long-established, uniform themes, even if the sets are produced at different factories. There are kinds of wildflower sets. Rather, it is a floral element that resembles an onion. The flower arrangements on the dishes are made in blue. But the most popular theme is biblical, which resembles the Renaissance, and has the name «Madonna».

Dishes in shades of pink are decorated with flowers of various shapes and gilding. And the most in demand are cups and saucers with the image of geese. Also, guests bring from the Czech Republic a set with a hunting theme.

In the production of tableware, customer requests are taken into account. Thus, factories produce sets not in single copies, but with the ability to choose the required quantity of one series. Therefore, it is very convenient over time, if you wish, to replenish the collection with missing graceful items. At the same time, the plates, cups and decanters in the set will not differ in color, even if they were purchased several years apart.

Interestingly, the mixture for any kind of porcelain has a pinkish tint. If you look at the shards of the crockery, the pink color will be clearly visible. This is how Czech products differ from snow-white English or German dishes.


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